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Nachson Mimran

Nachson spearheads’s creative initiatives. He directs his energy into nurturing spaces in business where people can feel welcome. At the same time he brings a particular passion to the 5-star hotel he runs - to great delight - in Gstaad.

Nachson was born in Switzerland, and grew up between Europe and West Africa. In his early years he was attracted to nature, sports, travel and adventure. By the time he was 20 he had fed his fascination with design by building two villas in Marrakech. A year later, he accepted a senior position in the family business. Along with his brother David, Nachson ran the commodity trading, logistics and wheat milling divisions of the Groupe Mimran until their acquisition in 2018. In subsequent years he ran the agro-industrial business, and reached out to frontier markets. Concurrently he served as head of international affairs at the Senegalese Olympic Committee, where he still champions the benefits of sport for disadvantaged youth.

In 2012, Nachson and his brother Arieh created the Fondation Marie-Louise Mimran, a charitable foundation named after their grandmother. Its mission is to facilitate the development of education, health, and sports in Senegal.

Nachson and Arieh launched in 2015. Nachson possesses a charismatic curiousity and a desire to help mankind. He says, “To this day, my real interests remain in discovering the cultures of the world, and learning from my fellow human beings. I am in awe of their endless creativity, diversity and depth.​​"

Arieh Mimran

Chief Investment Officer

Arieh dedicates himself to using finance as a force for good. In 2015, he co-founded, a private fund and foundation that co-creates with activists, ventures, and non-profits to address global challenges.


As Chief Investment Officer, Arieh directs investment strategy and works closely with the fund’s portfolio companies. He is based between Switzerland and Senegal, where the family’s agro-industrial business, the Groupe Mimran, has been committed to socio-economic development for two generations.


Arieh became involved in the family business at a young age, working closely with his brother Nachson. In 2012, Arieh helped create the Fondation Marie-Louise Mimran, a charitable foundation devoted to healthcare, education, and athletics in Senegal. Still actively involved, Arieh continues to advise the board on its strategy.


While studying at Princeton University, Arieh collaborated with his professors to conduct a series of novel sociological studies on finance and elites that shed light on how financial resources, power, and prestige contribute to inequality. He places his insights at the service of foundations and family businesses to help design governance systems that facilitate alignment of interests between various stakeholders.


Arieh built the Mimran family office and investment program. As CEO, he oversees strategy across the global portfolio. He also sits on the board of the Compagnie Sucrière Sénégalaise, the largest private-sector employer in Senegal, and leads its agriculture and food technology strategy.